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Advocate Nitin Bhandari is an expert criminal defense lawyer, having defended clients in various courts in complex bail matters and quashing or cancellation of FIR, deals with rights of arrested persons, statutory and constitutional rights of the accused. Advocate Nitin Bhandari has a deep understanding of Criminal Writs, Criminal Complaints, Dowry Cases, Domestic Violence, Cyber Crime, White Collar Crimes such as Misappropriation of funds, Embezzlement, Criminal Breach of Trust, Cheating, Narcotics and Drugs Violations, Trial, Suspension of Sentence, Appeals, Revisions.

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Arbitration is a method in which a disagreement is referred to one or more arbitrators who render a binding ruling based on the parties' agreement. Instead of going to court, the parties choose arbitration as a private dispute settlement mechanism.

Matrimonial and Divorce Matters

Marital conflict is about feelings, emotions, self-esteem and psychological motives. There is no denying this is the greatest challenge to predict the nature and behavior of another person.

Civil Law

Civil law is concerned with cases in which a wrong is committed against a specific individual. The primary goal of the law is to provide justice. The severity of various offenses determines the level of punishment.

Constitutional Law

Modern constitutional law is the result of nationalism as well as the idea that the state must protect certain fundamental rights of the individual.A constitution, in its wider context, is a set of rules that govern the affairs of an organised group.

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