Matrimonial and Divorce Matters

Advocate Nitin Bhandari believes that to engage an experienced divorce lawyer is the best way one can get peace of mind when dealing with matrimonial cases, child custody, alimony and mutual divorce or contested divorce proceedings. Deciding to divorce or separate is rarely easy. Concerns about how the divorce may affect client’s property and finances can increase the emotional stress. If client have children, the potential impact of divorce or separation on them is an additional source of concern. We recognize these crucial priorities and work diligently to achieve the outcomes as per clients need.

We are committed to empowering our clients to resolve difficult issues effectively. By applying our experience and ingenuity to address our clients’ legal concerns, We brings a unique and fresh approach to family law. Whether client is looking for help with his child custody, alimony, child support, adoption, restraining order, or other family law matter, We will craft creative legal solutions and work tirelessly on clients behalf. After final settlement is reached, We carefully crafts orders and closing documents to prevent the necessity for future clarification and litigation. We take great pride in the quality of our documents and how well they have served our clients. At the conclusion of a case, our clients are ready to prosper in their new lives.

Before anybody starts his divorce process one should take a ‘Family Counselling’ which would give him a basic understanding about the divorce process, pros & cons of it. Also it may help him to bridge the gap between his or her spouse. Client should be aware of the fact that the divorce procedure in India extents for almost a year and in some special cases of disputes the procedure may continue for years. A divorce is among the most traumatic occurrences for any couple. To add to this, it can also be a long-winded and costly affair in India if the divorce is contested. The long distressing process of divorce will be easier for client to handle if they have a good divorce lawyer who can help u to get free from this legal battle in very less time.