Area of Practice

Advocate Nitin Bhandari is committed to provide his client with effective, competent and professional service through a combination of personal attention, detail-oriented service and accountability in the field of :-

Advance bail, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Anticipatory bail, Arbitration, Arrest, atrocity, Bail, Cheating, Cheque Bounce, Child Support and Custody, Civil Appeal, Civil Revision, Civil Litigation, Civil Rights, Conciliation, Consumer Law, Contracts, Co-operative Societies Act, Criminal complaint, Criminal Defense, Criminal Law, Criminal appeal, Criminal Revision, Criminal Miscellaneous Petition, Cyber laws, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Dowry, Drug Charges, Essential Commodities Act, Family Court Act, Food Adulteration Law, Foreigner’s registration, Forest Act, Fraud, Forgery, Gaming, Gambling, Habeas Corpus, Illegal detention, Immigration, Import and Export, Industrial disputes Act, Insurance and Reinsurance, Insolvency, Insurance Defense, Intellectual Property, International Investments, International Law, International Trade, Internet Law, Juvenile Law, Labour Laws, Land Division, Land Use and Zoning, Landlord and Tenant, Legal Strategy, Licensing Law, Litigation, Local, Municipal and State Law, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Money circulation, Motor Vehicles, Murder, Municipality and municipal Laws, Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, Negligence, Negotiable Instruments Act, Passports Act, Police Act, Prevention, Prison Rules, Prevention of Corruption, Prostitution, PITA, PNDT Act, Rape, SC / ST ACT, Sex Crimes, Sexual Harassment, White Collar Crime, Workers Compensation, Writ petition .